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Site Privacy & Cookies

This site stores two general types of information on your device as detailed below.

Website Optimization Cookies

Examples include: site settings, personal preferences, order information, etc.

These Cookies are required for the website to provide full functionality and for you to fully utilize our services. They include, for example, Cookies that enable you to change site settings, close dialogs, or store products in a shopping cart. Some of these Cookies are strictly necessary, and without them, the website could not function. This information does not contain any PII (Personal Identifiable Information), is not used for tracking, and does not leave your device. This information is stored to improve your experience when interacting with the Hampton Brewing Co. website

Anonymized analytics tracking with third-party cookies

This site uses Google Analytics to ensure we provide you with a satisfactory browsing experience. This information is used to analyze and track users' use of the site, determine the popularity of certain content and better understand the site's performance. You are encouraged to review Google Analytics' privacy policies and contact them directly for questions you have specific to their services. Your IP address is anonymized and we do not transfer personal information for tracking purposes. If you have further questions regarding Hampton Brewing Co.'s use of third-party cookies, please contact us.