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ABV 4.9%IBU 34



A clean, crisp and light bodied pilsner that pours a signature golden color with a persistent white head. We use German sourced pilsner malt and a touch of Melanoidin to add a touch of sweetness and biscuit notes; a bit more character than your standard pilsner. This beer finishes dry with subtitles notes of spice and pine. So why did we name this beer Allan? Although it is not a traditional name for this German beer, Allan Sonier was one of our biggest supporters from the first day we started our business. He was known to ask for Hampton Brewing beers at local establishments - especially if he knew it wasn't available - in hopes of getting us new tap accounts. Did it work? Maybe. Did we appreciate it? Always. So, to show our appreciation for his support, we named his favorite Pilsner in his honour. This ones for you Al. Stay outta the hot sun.

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